The end of an era

The organising team has now disbanded Comrades in Arms.

After eight years of game organising we felt we had come to a natural end. The demands of ‘real life’ on the organisers, coupled with a lack of players who aspired to the sort of games the organisers enjoyed, led us to an inevitable decision. We had pushed our concept as far as it could go, and reached the limit.

All good things come to an end and this website will remain as a reminder of the awesomeness of all the WW2 airsoft community players, who made it all possible.

Eight years and out!

Comrades in Arms was set up in 2006 by five like-minded experienced airsofters with an interest in all things WW2.

Frustrated with the Catch-22 of there being no WW2 airsoft games due to too few players with authentic kit and yet too few players because of the lack of games we decided to kick the WW2 scene into action.


Why not visit the WW2 Airsoft forum?

Its a mature and lively place that has information on all the latest events as well as advice on uniforms and weapons and is the hub of the WW2 Airsoft community. Have a ‘lurk’ or register if you want to join in – get involved, its the place to be! Forum here