A Clash of Eagles

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge – The Clash of The Eagles

This game was held in December 2006

Many thanks to all who attended the Dec 2006 game at First & Only in Derbyshire making this the biggest authentic WW2 event so far seen in the UK. The effort by players put into uniforms and weapons made this film-sim event something very special.

Germans won the morning by a whisker, courtesy of the Allies abandoning the fuel dump and it being found by the enemy. The Allies resoundingly won the afternoon, recovering the plans, & kicking the Germans out of Trois Ponts. So it was a draw at one game all, or if you want to be precise as to the total numbers of points gained during the day, the Allies won by a largish margin. Wasn’t helped in the pm by the Germans running out of ammo in their forward position when the supply convoys failed to break through and their ammo lost… and how historically accurate was that then!