Arnhem – A Bridge Too Far

Arnhem - A Bridge Too Far

This game was held on 22nd April 2007

September 1944
As the tide of war changes and Hitler’s forces are forced to retreat back to the Fatherland. Monty has a plan that could end the war by Christmas. A daring attack deep into enemy territory that was to be the largest airborne assault in history. Will you be one of the Axis defenders, desperately trying to re-organise in front of this totally unexpected tactic? Or will you be a courageous member of the British airborne forces trying to defend your hold in a town completely surrounded by the enemy, running out of supplies and out of time? Or will you be a local Dutch resistance worker, fighting to kick the Axis invaders out of your home town? Don’t worry if you don’t have a WWII loadout or AEG, we’ve compiled a special guide that allows you to construct a ‘good for gaming’ WWII outfit for your chosen side for less than the cost of a couple of hi-caps! And you don’t need to necessarily have a WWII AEG, we’ll supply you with a list of ‘counts as’ AEGs.

We’re staging this battle at Phoenix Airsoft’s excellent Urban site in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. The ruined factory buildings and palatial hotel building will bring the real feel of wartime Arnhem to life and is a central location for most UK airsofters to reach.