Churchill’s Revenge

Churchill's Revenge

Churchill’s Revenge on the V1 Scourge

This game was run on: 30th June – 1st July 2007


On the 13th June 1944, just days after Allied forces have landed in Normandy, London receives it’s first V1 flying bomb attacks. Within days, over 200 of the 1 ton bombs have landed, mainly launched from sites in occupied Holland. Allied intelligence about the new weapons has been fuelled by Dutch resistance workers, and at a meeting of the War Cabinet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Chequers on June 16th, Churchill directs that action against these sites is required immediately. The RAF respond by launching a bombing campaign against the fixed missile positions, but can do little against the more mobile German units.
SOE are unable to undertake covert operations as such short notice, as most of their agents are in France helping with the invasion, so the task falls to British and US forces in a hastily conceived commando raid against targets in Holland.
By the 30th June, a mixed force of US Rangers, and British commandos has been assembled and is parachuted at night into an area where local resistance has indicated some of these mobile V1s are based. Their mission is to capture a V1 and any related intelligence, photograph it, and then to destroy it with explosives. From there they are to make to the coast, where they and the intelligence will be picked up by submarine.
As well as providing a propaganda boost to suffering Londoners by hitting at the V1 Scourge, it will also help to provide vital information about the new weapons.
With high winds on the night of the 29th, the dawn of the 30th June sees the commando forces split up over a large wooded area. The Germans are initially unaware of their presence and aided by friendly resistance workers, the Allies must group together, find the V1s and plan their dawn attack. Success or failure depends on this one major attack, and the subsequent retreat to the sea.

The Site
IED airsoft is at Glyn Ceiriog, just across the Welsh border from Wrexham, 20 minutes from Chester and 40 minutes from Stoke on Trent. It is a 700 acre site approx two miles long by a mile across, consisting of mainly pine plantation with some deciduous mixed plantings and a deforested area. It has two rough roads going through the site and the whole area is closed to the general public and two miles from the nearest habitation. The site is run by (and generally attracts) ex UK forces personnel, with a very strong emphasis on the military quality of game played there. The focus is on tactical leadership, fieldcraft, and good quality fire and movement leading to often short and intense firefights. There is no shop, yellow clad marshals, burger van, loos or even water on site. It can be described as very much large on MIL and a very small on sim; your average woodland skirmish site it is not.
Hopefully the large appeal of this film-sim event is in the ability to live as a GI, Tommy or Landser for 24 hours, whilst carrying out operations in an entirely military environment. Forget the 21st Century for 24 hours. you can live and fight in June 1944.
From the jump off to end ex you will need to carry everything you need for the 24 hours, as returning to kip in the car will not be an option. We may declare a small ceasefire during the wee small hours, however for all it will be game on for the full weekend.
We make no apologies that this may not appeal to all airsofters, however we feel it is worth staging such an event for players who wish to really get into the ETO!
Churchill's Revenge