Operation Husky

Operation Husky


Southern Sicily, 10th July 1943

Operation Husky commences as Allied airborne and seaborne forces land on Sicily. The invasion of Sicily was designed to open the shipping lanes in the Mediterranean, eliminate the island as an Axis base, and to encourage the fall of Mussolini’s government. General Eisenhower was given overall command with British General Alexander designated as the ground commander. The principle forces for the assault were the US 7th Army under Lt. Gen. George S. Patton and the British Eighth Army under Gen. Bernard Montgomery. Facing the 165,000 Allied troops were 405,000 Italians and Germans under Gen. Alfredo Guzzoni….


This event was held was held on 30th and 31st August 2008 at Ex-Site’s large site near Mold, set in the spectacular North Wales countryside. This exciting rural site has very varied terrain that gives a distinct flavour of Sicily – from woodland to heathland, from olive groves to rocky crags. In-game vehicles were provided.