Projekt Wotan

Projekt Wotan


Projekt WotanThe Ruhr. – The epicentre of German industrial might. Pounded by the RAF at night, and the US 8th Air Force by day, yet still standing defiantly against the Allies, it is vital to conquer this industrial powerhouse to starve the German forces of war materiel. Buried deep within this area, at the juncture of the invading US and British armies lies an underground military research complex tasked with designing and building the “wunderwaffen” demanded by Der Fűhrer, in his vain attempts to stave off defeat. Abandoned following a heavy RAF raid, the complex has been ordered retaken by the fearsome SS-Gruppenführer Hans Kammler – head of the Vergultungswaffen program…

Will you be a determined member of the US 12th Army Groups special investigation unit – T Force? or will you be a member of the Intelligence Corps attached to Montgomery’s 21st Army Group? – both charged with finding and exploiting German military technology. Or will you be a member of Kampfgruppe Schlemm, valiantly attempting to retake the facility and recover the military technology of the Fatherland?

This game was held on Sunday 7th October 2007. At UCAP Airsoft. The site is based 100ft Underground in the former UGHQ (Underground HQ) used by the Royal Navy to plot the progress of the Allied troops during the invasion of Normandy on D-Day June 6th 1944. With over a mile of tunnels, rooms, and corridors as wide as streets, UCAP is the premier all weather 365/7/24 airsoft site. It holds a constant temperature, there is no wind to deflect your shots and it never rains. UCAP have spent months preparing the site, clearing it of 60 years of debris, lighting the darkness to enable play and adding features to enhance the game play.

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