Axis uniform

General principles

WW2 game organisers are welcome to adopt the original CiA ‘looks-like’ German uniform list as a basis for their own approved uniform list. Although Comrades in Arms no longer use the system at their events (having moved to a rather tighter per-game regime) we recognise its place in encouraging new players at games organised by others.

The following is not exhaustive but a guide to what is and is not suitable for events. All period gear is obviously acceptable and to be encouraged. We have found that airsofters being airsofters they generally want to get it ‘right’. However, first time players and those with a minimum budget are more than welcome to put together a ‘looks-like’ uniform. Different forces should be distinguishable from a distance by colour and outline – we do not use coloured armbands as might be used at regular skirmishes to identify sides!

We have a policy of not ‘stitch-counting’ and aim to be an inclusive organisation not exclusive. Some players strive for perfection, some go for a specific period of the war, some a more generic look and others go for a basic looks-like kit. No one is judged or ridiculed or looked down on for not being ‘perfect’ – what we do ask for is players to make the effort, to be enthusiastic for the period and join in.

Uniform & webbing

Feldgrau (field grey), Grey or Black uniform
Camo smocks, & uniforms. Any period of war is fine. Oak leaf, Splinter, Plane tree, FJ gear etc.
Flecktarn & Stricktarn can be worn as SS cammo, please try to use cotton not gortex. Also allowed are baseball caps worn as Feldmutze.
For a really cheap look, a cotton black boiler suit with a belt can pass for Panzer troops away from vehicle.

Jackboots or modern boots with canvas gaiters.

Hats – Please make an effort with headgear as it adds a lot to the look of the event. Feldmutze, Sciffs or any German shaped helmet – can be steel or plastic , cammo’d or not .
Please avoid crushers/officers caps as these are used for command and control purposes.

Webbing & field Equipment – period is best, or close to it, any canvas or leather webbing inc 37 or 58 UK pattern. Canvas satchels and side bags can be very useful in the field.

Insignia, entirely at players choice as long as it is plausible and historically sensible. You can portray any element of the German Forces, from a humble Landser to a U boat Captain. You must portray a German though rather than an Axis Allie – i.e. Russians, Rumanians etc.

We separate politics from soldiering. Swastika armbands are an unnecessary accessory. Salutes where given are to be the army salute not the party salute – it is quite possible to be respectful of the period and the men and women that fought in it without being distasteful. Please exercise common sense whilst portraying a sensitive period of history.

What is not suitable

Modern Kit – Modern Webbing, assault vests, DPM or other modern camo patterns.

Plastic – where possible all items of kit should be made from canvas, wool, cotton, wood, leather or metal. Apart from bakelite there was very little plastic in the 1940’s and therefore we ask that this is followed. A plastic water bottle hidden in a canvas pouch would be OK, but things that are obviously anachronistic such as a large plastic box would not.

Fabrics – again, whilst we would not stop a player for wearing some modern fabrics, nylons, gortex, cordura and the like were not widely present in WWII, so we ask that people look to use wool or cotton clothing.

Radios – the use of PMRs is allowed only on an event-by-event basis. The game’s rules will state who can use radios, normally their use is restricted.

Sources for repro and ‘looks-like’ kit can be found on Comrades in Arms forum and elsewhere.

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