The ‘looks-like’ weapons list

General principles
WW2 game organisers are welcome to adopt the original CiA ‘looks-like’ weapon list as a basis for their own approved weapons list. Although Comrades in Arms no longer use the system at their events we recognise its place in encouraging new players.

Period weapons may be used by either side of the conflict. Airsoft gear is rather restricted for the period and in any case captured weapons were a reality – no problem with having Axis using Thompsons or Brens, for example, because that’s what happened.

The market is changing quite rapidly with the advent of Chinese ‘cheap-soft’ guns. The M14 and MP40 are excellent buys whether bought in this country or imported privately and a Thompson is now also in the offing.

Whilst we would all be delighted if all players turned up with period weapons we recognise that a huge number of airsofters that would like to participate would be excluded. So, if you don’t want to buy something expensive we would ask that you consider a Chinese cheap-soft weapon before using a looks-like weapon. However, we have drawn up a list of weapons which can be used on a ‘looks-like’ basis so that the look and feel of a WW2 scenario holds good – at least at a short distance.

Weapons not on the list may be used but will be designated semi-auto only (most WW2 weapons were bolt action or semi-auto). Likewise, the approved ‘looks-like’ list may be used by either side but the fire setting must be set as the designated weapon. For example, M14’s are fine but in semi-auto only.

Approved ‘looks-like’ weapon list:

MP5 = MP40 or Sten auto
M14 = Garand/G43 semi-auto
M14 / bipod must be used deployed = BAR auto
AK47 & AK74 with full stock = MP44 auto
AK47 & AK74 folding stock = MP40 auto
Any bolt action sniper without scope = K98/M1/Enfield single
Any bolt action sniper with scope = K98/Springfield/Enfield single
M249 or M60 must be used deployed = MG34/43, Bren or M1919 30cal (suitably converted with a card tube barrel cooler/cover then its a Vickers) auto

Any pistol with standard magazines.

Absolutely not permitted are vision aids of any kind (ACOG, red-dot, scopes etc) unless you are using a designated sniper rifle in which case a scope is fine.
Silencers (unless MP5 = Sten)
Any other furniture must be removed from RIS rails (tac lights, lasers etc) and other modern gubbins such as mag clamps.

Players assuming a support weapon role will be required to deploy before firing – bipods erected where fitted and be prone or have gun supported on wall/sandbag etc
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