Schaulen: The Bitter End

To be held at IED’s Ceri Forest site on the Welsh/Shropshire border
The weekend of 9th & 10th July 2011
Cost £45 per person
It is the 9th July 1944. The Šiauliai Offensive is now under way, part of the third phase of Russia’s massive ‘Operation Bagration’ in which 185 Soviet divisions comprising about 2.5 million soldiers and 6,000 tanks smashed into the German positions on a front line of 1,000 km, started just 17 days earlier.

The aim of the Šiauliai Offensive is to fight against the remnants of Third Panzer Army with the main objective to capture back the Lithuanian city of Šiauliai (Russian: Shyaulyai; German: Schaulen).

The 2nd Guards Army is attacking towards Riga on the Baltic coast with 3rd Guards Mechanised Corps attached, splitting the German Army Group Centre and Army Group North.

Our event takes us to the Latvian/ Lithuanian border, close to Kalnamuiža, a heavily wooded region. Close by it the main arterial road north west to Riga and south east to Daugavpils, heavily used by the occupying forces.

The Russian advance party needs to assess the area and pass information so that plans can be made to break through at speed. The Russian 2nd Guards (13th Guards Rifle Corps) has a small, fast and lightly armed scout party on foot with a mechanised group not far behind.

The incumbent German force locally consist of IV SS Panzer Corps and some of the Sturmpionier Battalion “Großdeutschland”. They are mechanised, highly mobile and reasonably well equipped with excellent local knowledge of the area and terrain and have been ordered to resist attack and hold the line at all costs.
Participants in this battle:

Russians: 2nd Guards Army and 3rd Guards Mechanised Corps
Germans: IV SS Panzer Corps and a Sturmpionier Battalion of “Großdeutschland”

Both sides have mechanised transport.
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